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Candy Paint and Pearlescent Car Painting in Claymont, Delaware

If you want your vehicle to look flashy and to stand out from the crowd then bring it here to the expert paint technicians at JNM Performance. We have our own state-of-the-art paint booth which we use to do custom jobs in-house. And the results are always spectacular.

Among the specialist service we offer are custom graphics and airbrushing and we also specialize in pearlescent and candy paint. Pearlescent paint is a top coat that is applied over a base coat of auto body paint. When applied it allows the pearlescent features to bring out different colors that mix in with the main color of the car when the light hits it.

Candy paint is translucent and allows the base coat to shine through the candy paint when applied. The result is that it looks like a red candy apple. If you choose the pearlescent or candy paint option with us then your car is going to have the wow factor.

It usually takes us about three or four days to paint the car then another week to sand and buff it so it is a lengthy process. Our experts use an Iwata paint gun and matrix paint for all their services and all the technicians are professionally trained.

We also use a technique called spray chroming, a system that can chrome plastic and metal. It is a top of the line machine and the main benefits are that it is cheaper than traditional plate chroming and it is provided by Cosmichrome, the leader in chroming.

Regular plate chroming had become so toxic that the Environmental Protection Agency was planning to shut it down so this new method allows people to chrome anything they want. At JNM Performance we use a spray chrome gun with a self-cleaning system and a stainless steel finish.

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