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Vehicle Restoration

Classic Car Restoration Services in Claymont, Delaware

Auto enthusiasts make up our biggest customer base here at JNM Performance and a large part of our work is taken up with restoring old classic cars to their original condition or customizing them to the client’s requirements.

Ford Thunderbirds are a specialty of ours but we will work on any classic cars – Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles, Buicks, Lincolns or Cadillacs to name but a few. There is usually a waiting list for restoration work because we are never certain how long a job is going to take.

When we are carrying out a restoration project we like to keep the customer up to date with how the project is going so we operate an open door policy – the car owner can pop in any time and check on the progress. We also call the customer to keep them up to speed and also post the project cars on our website.

We will accept any cars for restoration, it does not matter what condition they are in. Any make or model is fine by us, and we will even work with vintage motorcycles.

All classic car restorations are different but there are certain features we like to concentrate on such as automotive upholstery, car paint restoration, and convertible top repair. It is a great source of pride for us when we restore an old classic vehicle to its original splendor.

We always conduct thorough research on each car so we get the restoration absolutely correct. All the parts are sourced and provided by us and we take a down payment from the customer ahead of every restoration job. If we need a second down payment we will explain in detail to the client how the money has been spent.

Classic cars are making a comeback so make sure they look as good as new – come to JNM Performance and we will spruce them up for you.

Vehicle Restoration

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